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Customer service – your differentiation point

Want a better business?  Then you should deliver better customer service than your competitors.

Consistently delivering superior service to your clients means careful design and execution of a whole system of processes that include people and technology.

Hotkey help you improve you customer service capabilities and stream line your costs with a range of solutions and services tailored to your specific needs.

Growth and a sustainable business model

Expanding the number of outlets your business operates does not necessarily mean enormous cash outlays.

For example, the phones in a remote office with a different time zone could be routed to your head office and serviced by a number of receptionists working shifts.


Improve your cash flow

A Hotkey mini-message is excellent way to remind your customers that their payment is due.

This is particularly effective in the real estate industry when tardy rent payments are an issue.  A gentle reminder – 24 hours before the rent is due – can often prompt payment on time.

In a  pressured world Doctors, Dentists, Accountants, Solicitors and Hairdressers have all taken advantage of the Hotkey mini-message product  and are reminding their clients of their scheduled appointment.

Your Business Presence

Hotkey Domain Names
To create a webpage you first need a domain name.  We can find out if the name you want is available and provide you with all the technical help you need to get your site started.

Hotkey Virtual Email
Don’t have your own mail servers but still want to send and receive email using your domain name?

Hotkey Web Design and Building
It’s a fact, today’s businesses need a web presence – it can be a simple webpage with what you offer and your contact details or a sophisticated e-shop that will help you to generate an high return on investment.  Need help with your website design?

Hotkey Web Hosting
Want your webpages to be quickly and easily accessed by those that are interested in what you have to offer?